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It is a platform where you can order and track your order in cafes/restaurants etc. With a single application, you can experience a powerful ordering experience at all member businesses.

Basically, you won't be trying to make eye contact with the waiter anymore. Even the smallest details of your order (Turkish coffee with sugar, pizza without corn, etc.) will be delivered to the relevant business clearly. Since we have minimized the human factor in between, the reliability and speed level of the system reaches very high levels. You can still order from the waiter if you want. So now all options are in your hands!

Maximizing the ordering experience is the simplest answer to the question. Let's say you are spending time with your friends at the cafe. Don't you want to be notified that the cafe has an excellent discount for a 1 hour period? Or, let's say you ordered from an Ops!yon member fastfood restaurant in a shopping mall, is it better to try to hear your number over the shouts instead of Ops!yon notifying you that your order is ready while you continue your tour? As there are many more benefits we provide, we will have many more options to offer you in the future.

There are many benefits to registering. Most importantly, we need your e-mail address and phone number to understand that you are a real person and to eliminate dissatisfaction in extraordinary situations. You can order your favorite products with a single click at the business you go to regularly. You can view your past expenses. You can give feedback, comment, and rate the business.

After downloading the Ops!yon mobile application from the App Store or Google Play Store, you can register within minutes by filling in the necessary information in the Register tab. To register, you must verify your phone number.

After completing the registration process, you can access the menu of the business by scanning the QR code on your desk. What you can do; - You can view other users' comments and ratings for the business, - You can access the products of the business and view details such as calories, brand, preparation time, allergen list, portions and ingredients, - You can add the product you want to your favorites and order it easily on your next visit, - You can list your past orders in the business and re-order with one click, - You can remove what you don't want from the materials in the product, or you can order by requesting an extra. In addition, you can order with features such as my order will be served after 'x''minutes, - You can benefit from Ops!yon campaigns, - You can follow the status of your order, - You can access the details of your active account, - You can call a waiter or ask for an account, - You can be informed about the hourly opportunities created by the business while you are inside the business. What you can do is not limited to these! After paying your account at the business, you can view your past activities outside of the business and access their details.

You can benefit from option campaigns, - You can benefit from hourly discounts with Happy Hours, - Calling a waiter is now very easy for you, - You maximize your ordering experience, - Quality is the only option for you with a strong ordering experience in all member businesses with a single application.

In all member businesses, if the business uses this feature, you can use the Ops!yon. You don't need to download a mobile app again or open a different account.

For now, orders are submitted to the waiter's approval for security purposes. In case of wrong order, you can inform the waiter about the situation and have your order cancelled.

Only your name is shown to the business to assist in the ordering process. Other than that, no information is shared with businesses.